Why Premium Sports Supplements Are Worth It  

Should I use the best premium supplements available, or are the cheap brands just as good?

 As you strive to improve and become the best version of yourself, you will face many challenges and uphill battles. But, this is a good thing. It has been said before that “Everything worthwhile is uphill.” 

As you work out and improve your health, using supplements is a great way to maximize your hard work. What can be confusing is the sheer volume of products on the market. What is the difference? Why are there the “same” products at two different price points? What is the difference between premium sports supplements and discount brands? What are NSF-certified supplements?

Like anything else in life, you get what you pay for. Premium sports supplements are considered the best sports supplements because they are more effective, their ingredients are purer, and they are more enjoyable than the cheaper brands. So how do they do that?


The best premium supplements available, proudly made in the USA. Premium sports supplements are most often developed and produced in FDA-registered facilities and not overseas from untested or questionable sources. Using Premium Supplements that have been rigorously tested in third-party independent labs guarantees freshness and quality every time. Read the labels and make sure you see third-party testing or the NSF seal to guarantee quality.

NSF Certified Supplements

NSF certification is one of the highest standards given to any product. NSF-certified supplements undergo rigorous tests for purity. Every ingredient is analyzed and tested to secure safety and public trust. They also screen for substances that may disqualify athletes competing in tournaments with strict substance guidelines. As a third-party certification company, they only give their seal to the purest and highest quality products. NSF-certified supplements are considered the pinnacle of certifications and help consumers identify the best premium supplements available.

USDA Organic

You don’t want to undo your hard work in the gym by eating GMO or pesticide-ridden products. Since supplements are not bound by FDA regulations, it is especially important to look for the USDA Organic label, and you will find that on premium sports supplements like the Magna Supplements product line.


Flavor and Texture Focused

Many supplement companies seem to forget that people are consuming their products and that they should be enjoyable. Premium sports supplements, like those available from Magna Supplements, are not only pure and effective, but they are also delicious. Many cheap powders, particularly protein powders (or creatine), have a terrible taste and texture to them. The best premium supplements have been tested and developed with flavor and texture in mind so that you are not choking down on a chalky, grainy, tasteless drink. Developed alongside professional flavorists, they are meant to provide the supplementation you need with the flavor experience you want.

Cheap brands don’t focus on any of these. Instead, they use cheap ingredients and fillers while using a rock-bottom price to distract you from the poor quality of their products. Don’t waste your time or energy with these lesser quality products. Magna Supplements have the highest-quality, most effective, and best tasting premium sports supplements waiting for you. So check out Magna Supplements today and take your athleticism to a whole new level!



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