Why Does Whey Protein Taste So Bad

We usually don’t ask for plain protein powders or unflavored proteins when buying whey protein. Instead, whey protein usually comes in vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, and specialty flavors like cookies and cream. These familiar flavors give these supplements a much better taste and allow for shakes to be more palatable. Unfortunately, regardless of the flavoring, there is an abundance of sweeteners like maltodextrin used by the manufacturers that make the flavors stand out. Sadly the effect is the opposite leaving a chemical taste behind once you’ve gulped down your smoothy. 

Companies these days have access to more advanced flavors and techniques that should have our shakes tasting amazing, but we continue to see the same old chalky metallic awful taste behind each sip. Why is this occurring? Are the whey blends mixed with other fillers that give it this chalky consistency to give it more volume? Are the added sugars giving them such a sweet taste that it leaves that awful aftertaste? Let’s dig deep into this situation.   

For over 20 years, I’ve been using Casein protein at night to whey concentrate, whey isolate, and now after my 40s, an isolate hydrolyzed blend. Nonetheless, all types and brands have had the afterthoughts of either taking down a glass of sand or licking the side of a steel plate. So what can we do to enhance the flavor experience? These days, some newer brands on the market are spending big bucks and meticulous amounts of time working with flavorist or flavor chemists to dial down their flavors. Brands like Magna Health Nutrition have gone above and beyond to bring to market flavors that make consuming a whey protein shake something to look forward to. Magna launched a premium isolate hydrolyzed blend that tastes so good you look forward to your midday shake, or you’re post-workout.

Another critical point that Manga Health Nutrition is keeping extra tight attention to quality control and consistency. Magna Health Nutrition uses some of the most advanced mixers and mesh counts in the market. These advanced methods secure the consistent results that make Magna Health Nutrition a player in the premium whey protein market. Owe, and remember, Magna Premium Protein tastes fantastic too!  

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